Cool Car Technologies that will Change your World

Cars are no more just a transportation tool. Automakers around the world are introducing a plethora of gadgets which collectively are elevating some cara into a moving symbol of high class technology and advanced features. The coolest car technologies are not all necessarily “cool”. While some truly may accelerate performance, some are just an overload of electronic glitz and some a pseudo-safety factor.

Here is a brief review of the latest cool car technologies that have been creating a buzz in the automotive industry.

Parking Assistance

The joy of driving is diminished by manifolds when the pain of perfect parking haunts the mind! For all those thinking along these lines, how about a self-driving car that parks itself to the most impeccable position just after dropping you off at your destination? Self-driving cars with sensor controls are good enough to steer themselves into the right parking space. This cool feature can be hardly considered a safety enhancement tactic or a performance booster when the wheels are running! But it is definitely a cool technology that is going to allure car geeks.

Gesture Control

Car lovers can expect to see more gesture-controlled features in the upcoming years. While a mere twirling of the fingers to change the volume of your entertainment system or snapping your fingers to open the sunroof may not be functional features that are worth paying for, the gesture control technology is rather a stylish way of dealing with your car. Was this feature trotted into the car for the sake of it? Maybe, but users might soon end up paying for this without much choice.

Laser Headlights

When Audi launched its R8 model in 2014, the laser lights of the car were not exactly the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. What then seemed to be a money-extracting gimmick has now matured into a more functional feature for both sedans and SUVs.Laser headlights can penetrate up to half a mile and the clear-cut light beam helps to indicate the width of the car while passing through narrow lanes. With safety as the backbone, the laser headlights are a technology worth paying for.

Windshield Displays

HUD technology (Heads-Up technology) is not new to the automotive industry but what breathes back life into this technology will be the integration of augmented reality to project a more advanced windshield display system. In the coming years, the technology will take the more pulsating route to showcase relevant and sharper information through windshields. Imagine being prompted for the next turn through the windshield, as if they were your own perspective! Definitely cool!

All this said, it is to be noted that all technologies cost a mint and it is for us to decide which ones are worth paying for. Irrespective of the assortment of new technologies that one crams into the vehicle, maintenance is the key to enjoying these features while driving. Hertz Rent2Buy offers the perfect platform to test a car for its features as well as its quality of maintenance. Its extended car drive is a boon for analysing the needs and matching them with the most suitable car model.