Great reasons to buy a Ford Fiesta

40 years in the making - Ford Fiesta

Ford have been making the Fiesta since 1976, giving them just shy of 40 years to get it right and that’s just what they’ve done with the current Mark VII. There are many reasons to buy one of these practical super minis, but here we’ve boiled it down to the top six.

First, there is a huge, yet easy-to-understand, range of models. There’s everything from the entry-level 3-door Studio through to the top-of-the-range 180 EcoBoost ST-3, and everything in between, including the 88mpg 1.5 TDCi ECOnetic, which has zero road tax.

40 years in the making - Ford Fiesta
40 years in the making – Ford Fiesta

Second, for what might be described as a practical and sensible car, the Fiesta has superb handling and ride quality. Rivals, such as the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208, may be better equipped as standard, but simply can’t match the Fiesta’s driving experience, which What Car describes as its “dynamic brilliance”. So it’s great for doing the shopping, dropping the kids off at school and a laugh a minute when you take the long way home.

Talking of kids, if they’re getting to that age when they’re getting behind the wheel, the Fiesta is a good bet. We’ve already said it’s fun to drive but it’s also easy to manoeuvre at low speed. It also comes with a programmable ignition key, which works along the same lines as parental controls on a computer. This system allows you to set parameters, before you hand the key over to the light of your life. This means you can, for example, limit the top speed, only allow audio to be enabled once the seat belts are fastened and prevent ESP from being disabled. Plus, some dealerships offer deals on younger driver insurance, such as a two-year finance and insurance package, where they will contribute up to £1,458, from Jennings Ford.

Another good reason is Ford SYNC, which allows you to sync a smartphone, so that you can make hands-free, voice-controlled calls and play music wirelessly. Ask the system to play a track and it’ll be pumping out of the speakers before you know it.

Whether you or a loved one is driving your cherished car, you’ll be pleased to learn that safety standards are second to none. The Fiesta has no fewer than seven airbags as standard and the highest Euro NCAP rating of five stars. Ford SYNC also has an Emergency Assist function, which automatically calls the emergency services if the need arises.

Finally, while you’re already getting a lot of car for the money, there are big discounts to be had. Ford will take £500 off the price before you even walk into a showroom. Shop around, ask nicely and there’s plenty more to come.

The fun, frugal and practical Fiesta range has something to suit every taste and every wallet. We’ve given you six compelling reasons to buy one, but there are many more – the rest are up to you.