Could the UK’s fuel crisis spur more motorists into going electric?

Should you buy and electric car?
Should you buy and electric car?

Amid the UK’s crazys fuel crisis, in which petrol stations all across the UK began running low on fuel because people were panic buying, it got us thinking; could this fuel crisis urge more motorists to switch to electric motors? If you can’t be without a functioning car why not remove the need to fill up at a petrol station entirley by going electric. You can buy an electric or hybrid car but why not enter one of the UK’s many Dream Car Giveaways, in which you can win a hybrid or electric car? It can’t hurt!

Should we go electric?

When panic buying drives countless people to stock up on fuel from petrol stations, creating large queues for motorists to fill up on fuel, electric motor drivers were rubbing their hands in glee, knowing they don’t rely on a fuel that has to be physically transported. People might have initially bought electric cars for other reasons, such as they are more environmentally friendly, the technology behind them is great and, and they are more cost efficient. But the recent fuel crisis gave us all another reason to consider making the switch.

If there’s ever another fuel shortage, will it be worth not having an electric or hybrid car where you would not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of queuing for an extensive period just to fuel up your motor? Even better – you can charge your electric car up from home if you have your own home vehicle charger – no jerry can needed! And, if you decide to charge your car up at a charging spot, you just pay-at-the-pump, saving you time as well.

Keen to go green?

According to several motor sale sites, there was an increase of 60% in searches for electric cars in the week after the crisis broke out – after September 24th . Figures have also revealed that the amount of electric car sales in the UK last month had almost matched the total number sold for the whole of 2019. Auto Trader ad views for second-hand electric motors had also increased by 61% over the weekend of the crisis. So, it is already evident from this spike that many motorists are already considering the switch, with many already making the decision to go green.

What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

Running costs are lower as you don’t have to pay for petrol or diesel to keep our motor running, saving you money in the process. To fill up the average petrol tank of a medium size car nowadays will set you back around £63.80, while charging an electric motor will cost as low as just £0.96 on average.

No emissions – The electric engine of an EV operates on a closed circuit, therefore electric cars don’t emit any gases that are linked with global warming. If we all switched to electric vehicles, the World and its climate would be better off. EV’s are also low maintenance and high performance.

So, with the UK’s recent fuel crisis hitting the nail on the head for what seems like the tipping point for switching to EV’s, will this event spur motorists to turn electric?