Discover “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine

If you don’t own one, you dream about owning one. BMW has solidified its reputation as one of the best car manufacturers around, so drivers and auto enthusiasts everywhere can’t wait to see what they unveil next. The 2012 model year has its trials and tribulations, and you can read about them all here. Before you go on your used car search for a Bimmer, get our two cents on the newest developments from “the Ultimate Driving Machine”.

BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine

Only faithful lovers of small luxury cars–and those drawn to the class because of their price range–will rejoice at the new BMW 120d. Just recently put on sale in the United Kingdom, this slightly re-imagined version of the 1-Series luxury car is available in the five-door style for now, with the smaller three-door car going on sale next year. On the outside, the baby BMW seems to be awkwardly created, with wide, looping angles. Internally, the driver may be slightly impressed by a boldly designed dashboard that seems to meet him more than halfway and a luxurious instrument pod, but that’s about all. If you’re loyal to the brand, the new 1-Series is worth a look. Otherwise, I’d move on to a less expensive — and likely more impressive — automobile.

For all of its missteps with the 1-Series, BMW proves that it’s still got genius in its blood with the new F30. Those well-versed in BMW body styling will be pleased to discover that aesthetic changes in this car meet them head on; the most notable difference is the fact that the new F30 sits lower and grins slightly wider across the front. Drivers will love not only the look but the performance of this car.

Proving that thinking small can have a big impact, BMW has equipped half of its 3-Series autos with four-cylinder engines that pack just as much, if not more, power than the six cylinders that had become all but customary. It also rises to the occasion during a test drive as well, handling smoother and accelerating faster than its 3-Series ancestors.

On the rebound from dismal reviews of 2011’s 5-Series, the large saloon is back and better than ever. Though it’s not the most agile in class, the 2012 edition reinforces the BMW reputation for luxury interiors with the usual, like roomy front seat space and a wood grain dashboard. The drive in one of these beauties isn’t so bad, either. In keeping with its 3-Series cousin, new four-cylinder engines also lend the 5-Series more power. The new model is available as a saloon and a hatchback.

The biggest overhaul for the 2012 model year was perhaps the 6-Series, which went on sale just a few months ago. Answering naysayers who taunted the luxury car maker with the claim that the 6-Series was just too large to be a sporty car, BMW made the new one even bigger but more aerodynamic. A tweak to the front side may go unnoticed, but the body’s smoother curves are without a doubt more pleasing to the eye than last year’s. The engine is still a V8, but the switch from 4.8 litres to 4.4 puts more power under the bonnet, which is probably the most notable improvement.