Why buy a luxury saloon?

Luxury saloons are popular because they’re stylish, robust and packed with technical advancements. In terms of drive technologies, they’re often equipped with the latest safety equipment such as brake assist and anti-lock braking, traction control and electronic brake force distribution. They also have comfort features including leather seats, climate control, sunroofs and powertilt and telescopic steering. These features ensure not only comfort but safety as well when commuting between schools and in heavy traffic.

Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and Audi produce high-end, luxury saloons that are known for their high-quality interiors and performance. Saloons can be categorised by their four-door designs with separate boot not accessible from within the car, unlike a hatchback.  The engines vary in terms of cylinders, and subsequent generations often have improvements in fuel economy and suspension.

Infiniti Sedan

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of saloons is their high safety ratings, which are achieved through features like airbags, rear-view cameras, parking sensors (saves on having parking barriers) and stability control. The Infiniti Sedan in particular has numerous features that give it a high safety rating, including cruise control, blind spot warning and intervention systems, anti-lock braking systems and brake assist, traction control and front and rear parking sensors. These are great for drivers who use their cars in a variety of settings including heavy traffic and busy parking lots.

Saloons are popular new vehicles to buy because they’re spacious and have plenty of trunk space. Compact and mid-sized saloons have affordable insurance and their excellent engineering ensures their repairs are seldom major. Many mid-range saloons have good fuel consumption, while higher range saloons are available with hybrid electric and gas engines. These vehicles are recommended for buyers with families or business people interested in luxury features such as leather seats and climate control.